Our focus

integrated connections that make sense
Research and Discorvery

Relationships are our end game, and we know the best ways to establish and nurture them. Research and discovery are central to that process.

Alliance Building

Strong ties formed from strategic alliances can enhance reputation, boost credibility and exponentially increase interaction among customers loyal to their respective parties.

Reputation and Perception Management

We live in a multichannel, all-digital, instantaneous selling environment, and – guess what – your reputation also resides here.

Creative Design and Production

We make the best use of artistic talents and cutting-edge technologies to push the boundaries of traditional design and production.

Word-of-Mouth and Social Marketing

As β€œthe original social media platform,” word of mouth customarily is recognized as the single-most-effective way to influence consumer decisions and drive sales.

Content Curation and Amplification

Content curation has become critical to engaging buyers and shaping brands. We show client partners how to capture and inform audiences on the path to purchase.

News Media and Influencer Relations

Two-thirds of consumers polled by Nielsen agree that this type of outside approval makes them more likely to consider purchasing a product.

Brand Development

Developing or refining a brand’s identity is a process that should help you think deeper and see your innovation challenges differently.

Our Partners

Our Team

Mary Butin
St. Simons, GA
Catherine Denham
Director of Accounts
Athens, GA
Kelly Marolt
Senior Account Executive
Kari Torstenson
Senior Account Executive
Phil Tardif
Executive Editor
Kari Nagel
Senior Account Executive
Mary Eva Tredway
Publicity Director
Atlanta, GA
Holly West
Account Executive
St. Simons, GA